Calling all NHWers in Mackay

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There has been a crime problem for many years where thieves are targeting unlocked homes to look for your car keys to steal your car. We, the police, have tried many ways to remind residents to “Lock your home and cars”, now we have come up with another idea.

We are asking as many crime prevention interested people to come and join NHWers from all over Mackay  at the North side of the Forgan Bridge near the junction of  Palm Street at 7am on Friday 16th June. When you get there you will assist in launching our new “LOCK YOUR” project. All we need you to do is to hold a sign reminding motorists driving into Mackay to Lock their cars and homes up. I told you we had tried many things and I know we are getting desperate but someday we will sort this issue out, can you help?

Once the launch is over (around 8am) the “Lock Your” signs will be distributed around the rest of the Mackay District for use in many other police divisions.

Sgt Dalton practising waving a sign!


Thanks to the Neighbourhood Watch crime prevention and community safety project for funding this project.



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